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From Off road camping to manufacturing

As Off road enthusiasts we've searched extensively for good working car window screens but without much success. We've even combined solutions from different providers and tried to fit them for our land cruiser, but were never happy with the result. Either the screens didn't last really long, became deformed after a while, didn't protect us from heat or cold, we didn't like the material or they just didn't feel good to the touch.

We were then approached countless times during off road festivals by other campers and land cruiser owners regarding our sturdy screens which weren't available for sale anywhere. Everyone who experienced the impact of our handmade screens first hand was quickly convinced about their quality. While others couldn't stand the heat in their vehicles any longer we were sitting in our pleasantly cool land cruiser even with closed doors.


Out of those experiences and due to the high demand came the idea for Blickdicht Manufaktur. We enhanced our original screens to guarantee the high quality in each detail of our product.

Today we are proud to be able to produce an authentic and honest high quality product that meets all functional requirements, which is also tangibly and visually pleasant.

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